Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Crazy Quilt Around the World blog hop.

This is my tribute for being a part of CQ Around the World blog hop.
4 questions I have to answer so here I go.
1. What am I doing on CQ on this very moment.I 'm making a birthday and Christmascard for my group Fiber Fever. Also I'm busy with the last bolck for CQJP2014. After finishing I'll put the 12 blocks together as a wallhanging. For 2015 I bought some nice fabric hoping there is an CQJP 2015. All 11 blocks underground fabric is cutted and even 1 is allready a finished naked block but I won'r start untill January. I was intend to had made a 2014 Christmas wallhanging of 4 blocks together, haha only the white fabric blocks are cutted so something for Christmas 2015.
2. What is my idea for a CQ, I don't like very bright colours, looking more for a antique look. That is how I like them to do.
3.Why do I make something? Just because I like to create something. When I see some nice fabrics it starts to work in my brain. So I have fun to work on it just sit and see how it grows and grows.
4. How do I make a CQ. The only plan I have are the colours and the fabrics I have. Never use a pattern as example just everything by myself. After putting the sizes on the white fabric I just make lines on the fabric and there it goes, I'm working in paper piecing technic all by hand. When the naked block is finished I look for laces . Embroderies are all made without any plan, unless there is a theme, I just follow my needle and see how it goes.When the stitches are done I look for beads sequins etc.I don't like to use buttons. For nice stitches the TAST is a big help.
Very nice for me is being a part of some nice groups to contact other ladies, see and admire eachother work. Since I started with CQ my world become bigger with unexpected nice thing.