Monday, June 18, 2007

Here you see the paper-cutting I made today. 6 inches/ 8 inches.
I have a tea-towel with that kind of pattern so it gave me the idea to make such a paper-cutting. I think the result is nice but completely different from that tea-towel.
that's the difference between fabric and paper.
I hope to sell this one next week when I join a kind of market.
No it is not sold.


Charlene said...

Amazing! Good luck at the market.

crazyQstitcher said...

I like your paper-cutting. I hope you sell many.

Ati. Norway. said...

Prachtig Margreet! je bent het kwijt voordat je het weet!

NormaH said...

Margreet, you always have such interesting things on your blog ..... and that paper cutting design is fantabulous.