Monday, July 9, 2007

A bag for my knittingwork made of ties.

Our summerblanket . detail.

The story of the tulip.

Now the bulbs are dried an ready to clean.

The bulbs in packingcases

After sorting out the soil etc.

Nico and Marion cleaning the
bulbs, all by hand.If your
compagnie is great or small
this must be done by hand.

Dirty bulbs.

Marion busy with cleaning the bulbs, you see the big ones and the new ones.
Is the cat a great help ?

The clean bulbs are sorted out .

The bulbs are clean. and sorted out.
Before trade Nico has to count them, sometimes with a couting machine or by hand.
The big bulbs are for export.
The small ones are for the next year.
Also there is a great deal for blooming in the hothouse of Nico just for the flowers as we buy them for in our vazes.


laplandyellow said...

tjonge..... wat een werk zeg.ja , zo heeft ieder z,n werk. en wat een mooie tas!!!!marja visser

Ati. Norway. said...

Leuk Margreet, mooie quilt en tas!!

Renea said...

The bulbs sure are a lot of work. Do they do this by themselves and not hire some help? I do love the tuplips! I wish I had better luck with them. Where I am the squirrels love them for dinner!

The summer quilt is wonderful. Is this one of your patterns?

Renea Medema