Saturday, November 24, 2007

The live of a tulip

This is the last part of the bulbs.
The bulbs are planted just for the flowers we can buy to put in vazes. So you see Nico here planting them all hand by hand.

Here the bulbs are ready to go for 16 weeks in a cold-storage.
In the cold-storage.So they create a early winter for the tulips.


gaylenona said...

Hi Margreet, I have so enjoyed your tulip pictures. As I planted some in my garden this week, I had a new appreciation of the work that went into providing me with that splash of color next spring.

crazyQstitcher said...

Thanks Margareet for the year of the bulb.
Thanks too, to Nico and his wife for allowing you to do this. Such lovely FAT bulbs that are being stored for winter next. I managed only one tulip this year and it was sooo tiny. I will have to buy new bulbs.