Friday, December 7, 2007

Old fashion papercuttings

For many years those papercuttings are mine, my grandmother(1888-1956) gave them to me.
In my childhood I played with them. My gran never said she made them so I think they are from here mother.
They are treasures for me.The smallest is 2,5 inch the largest 4 inches.


Susan said...

These are the first ones I've ever seen in colored paper! No wonder they were amazed, they are so intricate!

NormaH said...

Margreet, they are beautiful. No wonder you do such beautiful cuttings yourself! What treasures!

crazyQstitcher said...

So this talent for papercutting runs in your family. These are real treasures. Thank you for sharing them. How wonderful to have kept them in good order for many years.

Candi said...

Those are just beautiful! My sister did that a few times, but never in colored paper. What patience it takes! They're just gorgeous.

Margreet said...

thank you ladies

laurel said...

These are so beautiful. I've always loved early paper cuttings but I don't see them often. What a treat - thanks!