Friday, August 15, 2008

Going to the weekly summerparade in Schagen. We'll have an open air diner.


Veri said...

wow - that looks like so much fun! Is your dress sewn by yourself? nice greetngs - Veri

laplandyellow said...

ik zie nu pas dat het liberty stof is? ohhhhhhhhh, en deze Engelse stof is maar 0,90cm breed!!!!

laplandyellow said...
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Diane said...

Hello Margreet! It's been a couple of months since we exchanged hearts but I hope you'll come and visit my blog, because I've nominated you for a new blogging friend award. Sweet Pat Winter from Chains of Hearts nominated me. Welcome! I hope you'll stop by and accept your award!

Blessings and happy CQing!

Diane from Diane's Musings in the US

Diane said...

Margreet, I love the blue "blouse" under your jacket! Is it "smocked"? My mother used to do that kind of stitchery that looked like it was woven or braided. It's lovely!

marie said...

Hello Margreet!
Thank you for your visit. I love your photographs!

God luck in the giveaway!

Plays with Needles said...

Hello Margreet! I had two folks never respond that won the buttons giveaway on my blog -- I selected your name as a winner! Email me your address and I'll send you your card of vintage buttons!

Janny said...

Oh bij jij dat werkelijk....Sorry, de kleding vind ik super...., maar je lijkt er wel heel erg oud in.....( ik weet dat ik me nu niet populair opstel....) (grinnik)

Pollewop said...

Prachtige Jurk / Kostuum.
Wat een boel werk !
Evenals je dear jane en het houtsnijwerk !!

complimenten hoor.
Marianne de Wit