Thursday, December 15, 2011

About Margreet

I'm Margreet living in The Netherlands. Born 1943 in Amsterdam.
Married to Jan in 1965. Mother of 2 grown up sons. Proud grandmother of 4 grandchildren.
About 6 years ago my friend Ati showed me her CQ work it was the first time I heard about CQ.
The very moment I fell in love with CQ.
So I became a member in COH followed by CQAW, CQI, Fiber Fever, WWCQ, and since a few weeks Ati and I created a new group CQEurope.
What do I love in CQ?
Just to follow my own ideas to create a block, love to do embroderies and don't like rules in this kind of work.
In my Bee I'm the only one who is doing CQ which I regret.
Second thing I love most is the contact with ladies all over the world. Made some nice contacts and friends. Even met some of them!
In other words Crazy Quilt made the world a bit closer and more open to me.
I'm joining a competition to show Crazy Quilts, if you like what I 've send please have a look at:
pigtalesandquilts above "My Friends" this all is starting at Febr 1th 2012.
Please have a look and vote on the one you like most, see you there!!