Sunday, March 4, 2018

The CQ bag again the other side.

A CQ bag with an vintage clasp

And another bag again !

                                         Inside of the bag.

Tomcat Kees.

My little friend tomcat Kees

Block # 3 for CQJP 2018

Block # 2 for CQJP 2018.

Block #1 for CQJP 2018. In this blocks I'll use the colours black, white and some greys in each block complete this with a very bright colour. A real new challence for me.

The CQJP 2017 finished as a wallhanging

                             Inside the notebook.
      This 100% Crazy Quilt notebook is for sale in my Etsyshop. Please have a look at
                                               The other side of the bag.
                                             Another bag I've made.
                                   The other side of the Crazy Quilt bag.

A 100% handmade Crazy Quilt bag.

I made this Crazy Quilt bag, this is the front.