Sunday, December 17, 2006

my collection of vases

I started this collection about 18 years ago.
They are made of glass. The vazes are from 1920/1930.
The first 2 where presents I did not like them but the colours fascinated me.Then I bought the third so that was the start of a very nice collection.
The four on the left are my favourite ones.
Have a click and enjoy the shapes and the colours.


laplandyellow said...

ohhhhhhhhh,wath is this beautiful, i like this.

Ati. said...

You now, I don't like them separate. But at your place in a whole bunch they are very special!

wilma said...

Oh Margreet, wat een mooie verzameling. Ik had zo'n geel/oranje gemarmerde van oma, helaas is hij gesneuveld!