Friday, December 22, 2006

My quilts

Most of the quilts speaks for themselves.
But some needs some explanation.
The red/white/black is made of Dutch farmers handkerchiefs the so called rode zakdoeken. 100/114 cm.
The fence was made by hand with more then 1 thousend pieces, 90/62 cm.
The butterflies also made by hand, 70/46 cm.
Hexacons are 46/50 cm.
Questions? Just ask !
1 inch= 2,5 cm.

The first quilt I made was this bedspread.

A small wall-hanging made of the scraps.

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Iris said...

Margreet, your quilts are amazing!!! I would have to see the rail fence I would have to see up-close to figure out how you did it.

Happy New Year!
Iris Susan

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